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Manville 12 gauge Tear Gas Pen
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Manville .410 Squeeze Tear Gas Pen Gun

Faultless Tear Gas Pen Gun See CIA SPECIAL WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT by H. Keith Melton page 21.
faultless 1.JPG
faultless 2.JPG


Sterile Faultless Ball Bearing Tear Gas Pen Gun pat number on butt matches other Faultless
unknown3 5.JPG
unknown3 3.JPG


Colt Industries Tear Gas Pen Gun 38 cal
colt pen gun 3.jpg
colt pen gun 5.jpg

 Atlas Tear Gas Company, Chicago 410 Tear Gas Pen Gun
atlas 410 1.jpg
atlas 410 3.jpg

 Unknown Tear Gas Pen Gun with Wooden grip
pg pistol grip 4.JPG
pg pistol grip 5.JPG

 Unknown Tear Gas Pen Gun
oss pen.JPG

Check Mate Tear Gas Dispenser Key Chain
check mate.JPG


 Big Brother Double Barrel 38 Tear Gas Pen Gun
"Willison L. Lower Patented and made them in New Jersey in his shop (Duffield Machine Shop). There were single barrel at first. As a child I would help him make them.   The parts were made in there Machine Shop and we would assemble them by hand there and at there home.  Lower and his wife were the owners of the Duffield Machine Shop, Inc., but he died in Aug. of 1972. My Grandmother closed it soon after, " - R. Morris
big brother.JPG

Unmarked Unknown Silver 38cal Tear Gas Pen Gun
unknown2 1.JPG

 Unmarked Unknown Black 38cal Tear Gas Pen Gun
unknown1 1.JPG

 German made Buco Tear Gas Pen Cal. 10.55
reverse pg 1.JPG
reverse pg 2.JPG

 Listo Double Ended Silver Tear Gas Pen Gun We believe the listo clip is a replacement
listo dbl 1.JPG
listo dbl 2.JPG

 Argus MFG Co. Chicago 410 GA Silver Tear Gas Pen Gun
argus 410 1.jpg
argus 410 4.jpg

 Vintage Guard Tear Gas Protector NIB
gurd db.JPG

 Gyro-Jet US Army Flare Pen Gun MBAssociates
mba flare pen gun 1.JPG
mba flare pen gun 7.JPG

 Tesco Eastern Specialty Co Flare Pen Gun US NAVY
tesco pen gun 2.JPG
tesco pen gun 5.JPG

 Unknown Fountain Pen Tear Gas Pen Gun MIB
fountain pengun.JPG

 H.C. Company Tear Gas Protector Pen Gun MIP

 Stinger Tear Gas Pen Gun 22 cal
stinger pen 2.JPG
stinger pen 4.JPG

Stinger Liner Lock pocket knife 22 cal Pen Gun

 MK-31 Launcher used in the MK-79 flare kit - dated 4-68
unknown4 1.JPG



Faultless Pen Gun Style Printing Block Advertisment
pg ink stamp.JPG