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Baby Giant
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Lake Erie Chemical Company 12 inch Billy Club

Lake Erie Tear Gas Pen Gun flat finish  .44 cal
lake erie 44 pengun 1.JPG
lake erie 44 pengun 3.JPG

Lake Erie Tear Gas Pen Gun Bright finish .44 cal

lake erie 44 cal 1.JPG
lake erie 44 cal 3.JPG
lake erie 44 cal 2.JPG

Lake Erie Chemical Bakelite 12 Ga Tear Gas Billy Club

erie billy 3.JPG
erie billy 6.JPG


Lake Erie 12 Ga Tear Gas Night Stick
erie adjutant billy 4.JPG
erie adjutant billy 1.JPGerie adjutant billy 2.JPG


Lake Erie Baby Giant Tear Gas Pen Gun 12 Ga
baby giant 2.JPG
baby giant 1.JPG


Lake Erie Premier .410 Ga Tear Gas Pen Gun
erie 410 1.JPG
erie 410 2.JPG