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"Are you interested in Federal Lab. history?
My dad was president until his death in 1971. From what I know, those pen guns were available all the way back into the early ‘50’s. It’s hard for me to help more, as I am not in the business.
OK, fine, here’s a real story from Federal, from my dad. Back in the 30’s, there was a big strike at Ford. OK, how to get the gas in? My Dad rented a funeral hearse and drove the gas across the picket line that way. Pretty James Bond, huh? Well, in a way, I mean. We always knew when bad strikes were happening, based on the orders for tear gas. What were the worst? Labor, especially W. Virginia miner strikes.
What about TV? In 1956, Federal met Jack Webb. He did an episode where he showed tear gas being used to roust a suspect from a home. Incidentally, Jack did not shoot the gas. Why? He was, well, intoxicated a lot. An actual LA cop shoots the gas. Wish I had that episode. Webb sent it to Federal, along with his autograph. If you find it, here’s is the big thing: They shoot Federal Lab. gas, but, for some strange reason, Sgt. Friday wears a Lake Erie mask, not a Federal one. Booo,boo, from Federal Lab. Down with Lake Erie, the competitor. " - Blair Reynolds, Fairbanks AK
M-29 - Tear Gas Billy Club
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stainless steel billy with small mouth opening. New in box with original instructions

These billys used a specialized M-29 tear gas cartridge and were created for use by police and prison officers