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Unknown and only marked with a dragon running down the blade
dragonblade 2.JPG
dragonblade 1.JPG

Four sided spike blade - Unmarked
sqblade 2.JPG
sqblade 1.JPG

RAF swagger stick spike
raf swag 1.JPG
raf swag 2.JPG
raf swag 3.JPG

1942 dated swagger stick spike - no maker mark
germswag 1.JPG
germswag 2.JPG
germswag 3.JPG

Unknown and only marked with a floral pattern on the blade - twist release
hook 1.JPG
hook 2.JPG
hook 3.JPG

Unknown & unmarked hand carved sword cane
india mar 1.JPG
india mar 2.JPG

Unknown & unmarked sword cane
indian 1.JPG
indian 2.JPG

Unmarked Egyptian septor dagger
septer 1.JPG
septer 2.JPG

Unknown & unmarked swagger stick dagger
swagger 1.JPG
swagger 2.JPG