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Unknown & Unmarked sword cane
brasscap 1.JPG
brasscap 3.JPG
brasscap 2.JPG

Cas Iberia Paul Chen Skull Sword Cane - 2002
casskull 1.JPG
casskull 2.JPG

Cas Iberia Paul Chen Dog Head sword cane - 2004 - unmarked
casdog 2.JPG
casdog 1.JPG

Cold Steel chrome head four sided spike blade sword cane
cs steel 1.JPG
cs steel 2.JPG

Cold Steel wood head four sided spike blade sword cane
cs wood 1.JPG
cs wood 2.JPG

"Dracula" Sword Cane by Factory X 2001ish
dracula 1.JPG
dracula 2.JPG

Unknown & Unmarked
goldcap 1.JPG
goldcap 2.JPG

Unknown & Unmarked
hornbambo 1.JPG
hornbambo 2.JPG

Unknown & Unmarked
ivory 1.JPG
ivory 2.JPG

Unknown and unmarked hand carved - spring ball bearing closure
blk india 1.JPG
blk india 2.JPG

Unknown & Unmarked spiral blade
spiral 3.JPG
spiral 1.JPG
spiral 2.JPG

Unknown and Unmarked
dragonhead 1.JPG
dragonhead 2.JPG

Unknwon & Unmarked
wood spike 1.JPG
wood spike 2.JPG