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Ithaca Gun Track Knife
ithaca knife 1.JPG
ithaca knife 2.JPG



JA Henckels Soligen marked, pre-1890 Dagger




JWB marked Boot Dagger
John W. Bugden, in Murray, Ky
He started making knives in the 70s and did his first guild show in 1976. The touch mark, JWB with dots between the letters is the only one he ever used.
jwb boot 1.JPG
jwb boot 2.JPG
jwb boot 3.JPG


Kershaw Trooper Boot Knife
kershaw boot 2.JPG
kershaw boot 3.JPG

Kerchaw Survival Knife
kershaw survival 1.JPG




Mason Sheffield OK Knife




Mauerer, Herman  14 inch Bowie Knife marked HM 6678
hm bowie 2.JPG
hm bowie 3.JPG

Mauerer, Herman A.G Russell style boot knife


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