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Anza Knife Unmarked
anza 1.JPG

Atkinson Marked Bowie Knife
atkinson bowie 1.JPG
atkinson bowie 2.JPG

Bear Cutlery 502D Damscus 15 inch Bowie
bear mfg bowie 1.JPG
bear mfg bowie 2.JPG

Carter, Fred Coffin Bowie Knife
fc coffin 2.JPG
fc coffin 3.JPG
fc coffin 1.JPG

Carvel Hall Jim Bowie Knife
jim bowie.JPG

Case 1880s Style Boot Hunter
boot hunter.JPG

Case Desert Prince
desert prince.JPG

Confederate Side Knife by House Of Swords
csa knife 3.JPG
House of swords operated out of Springfield Missouri for close to 20 years. During that time, Joe Walters marketed a large variety of REPRODUCTION edged weapons ranging from medieval swords through WWII fighting knives to include a good copy of one of M. H. Cole's design(s). To this day no one knows where these top quality repros were made, but they fooled and continue to fool, a lot of collectors.
This is repro of a confederate side knife is one of the best. The design was extracted from Albaugh's book on CSA edged weapons. An identical specimen recently sold for mega bucks in a well respected nationwide auction. Mr Walters met his fate when he sold several repro CSA swords to Missouri law enforcement officers. He was arrested and charged with mail fraud and various other counts. He was heavily fined and forced out of business never to be heard from again - a fitting end.
This is a picture of the knife sitting on the page it is shown on in Walters catalog.
csa knife 2.JPG

Dawson Fightign Knife marked dawson and 56
dawson 1.JPG
dawson 2.JPG

Detmer Small Skinner
detmer3 .JPG

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