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McLaglen Peskett Close Combat Weapon
Maker Marked
purchased from Retired WWII SAS & author Capt Peter Mason

Faultless Tear Gas Pen Gun See CIA SPECIAL WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT by H. Keith Melton page 21.
faultless 1.JPG
faultless 2.JPG

Sterile Faultless Ball Bearing Tear Gas Pen Gun pat number on butt matches other Faultless
unknown3 5.JPG
unknown3 3.JPG

Federal Laboratories Ball Bearing Release Tear Gas Pen Gun
fedlab bb 1.JPG
fedlab bb 2.JPG

Lake Erie Tear Gas Pen Gun flat finish  .44 cal
lake erie 44 pengun 1.JPG
lake erie 44 pengun 3.JPG

Lake Erie Tear Gas Pen Gun Bright finish .44 cal
lake erie 44 cal 1.JPG
lake erie 44 cal 3.JPG
lake erie 44 cal 2.JPG

oss trip fuse 2.jpg OSS Trip Fuze

oss pull fuze 1.JPG OSS Pull Fuze

sas crossbow 2.JPG 
British SAS Assasination Crossbow

saw kit oss 3.JPG 
OSS SOE Commando Saw Kit

tank holster.JPG 
SOE Tankers Holster


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