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Wilkinson Fairbairn Sykes Prototype Dagger
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Fairbairn Sykes knife variant, with a 1st/2nd pattern knurled grip, with a blade made from a British issue bayonet ( possibly Pat 1888).

Sheath is marked broad arrow 1940 on the reverse

The grip is the standard 1at/2nd Pattern design, made from cast brass, with the knurled grip, the length is 4.75 ins, including the pommel nut, which is brass also.The blade is just under 7.5 ins long, has the classic stiletto grind profile of the very early 1st Pattern blades.One ricasso has the Victorian crown, is marked VR, and dated 9 '96, the reverse ricasso is marjed with the broad arrow acceptance stamp, over WD, over inspectors stampes (E), over the blade proof mark X.The blade is tight in the grip, has been profiled very well,is straight, and has an aged bright finish.The cross guard is made from steel, which is also has an aged bright finish, has a curve on both ends, and a relief on one side, which appears to be for the thumb, the profile of the cross guard is oval, with more pointed ends than the 2nd Pattern, measures  just over 2.25 ins long.