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Camp X preproduction FS Suicide dagger
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Made by John Paisley for Number 10 Commando X Troop.  Suicide mission daggers have a handle that unscrews apart to reveal a cavity for the L (lethal) pill.
It is marked on the top part of the handle with the Achnacarry Commando Depot stores number 30946. Any 30946 marked knives are extremely rare and 1st pattern marked ones are seen but quite scarce. This was a black box item that was issued from stores and returned upon completion of your mission.

There is an X stamped on the blade possibly for troop X. The blade is most likely made from a 1903 bayonet as most early FS pre-production blades were. There are bayonet markings on the ricasso that are faint.  John Paisley was a WWII Scottish cutlerer out of Glasglow who made knives for the British government, his wartime allotted number code was 1, he also used J.P as a mark to identify his work.  He only made a small amount of knives mostly for clandestine operators and Commandos.

There are only a small handful of the full size suicide mission knives known and are not widely seen other than in books, some being shown in Windrum's 'Earliest Commando Knives".

This knife was displayed at the 'Vistory Exhibition' and exhibited at Telephone House, Brighton, Sussex England in 1945. It then went to the Special Forces Museum until it was disbanded in 1949.