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OSS SOE Commando Saw Kit
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Vintage World War Two US Army saw kit.
 These were the type used by both British (SOE - Special Operations Executive) & American Commando Units ( OSS - Office of Strategic Services - The predecessor of the CIA ) behind enemy lines for sabotage, and removal of barriers, barricades, etc. both natural & manmade.

This kit came from the estate of a WW II vet.

There are various faded markings on the heavy canvas carrier, the most apparent being "SAW KIT".The handles are turned wood and have darkened appropriately with age. The cutting edge has triangular off set teeth. The original finish seems to be blued. The saw blade is really heavy duty ! The carrier is constructed of the typical heavy US olive drab canvas & has two belt loops. It also comes with a "spike" of some sort, and a file (presumably for sharpening the saw teeth).