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Stecher Haxit CIA Handler Machete
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The Stecher Haxit by Berg and Co, Solingen. According to an old Van Dyke catalog (#115) the haxit was used by the British in Burme during WWII. Also, according to Ben Baker the Haxit was inventoried by the CIA in Okinawa during the Vietnam War for issue to the indig troops and their handlers (CIA or Special Forces Advisors).
Apparently there was an article by Gary Boyd about them in october 2003 but I have yet to find copy of that.
I have also heard mention that these were mentioned in the van dyk knife list #178 but I have yet to find that either.

Marked The Stecher Haxit Berg & Co Solingen US Panent Nr 2,813,278 made in Germany.
15 7/8 inches overall, 8 3/4 inch blade 2 1/2 inches wide