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La Gana Vietnam Special Forces Tomahawk
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This is a Vietnam Era hand to hand fighting tomahawk that was invented by Peter La Gana during the vietnam war.
I am quoting from Silvey's Book page 133 "Peter La Gana made 3800 of these in the late sixties for use by our serviecemen.The first 500 were unpainted and were sold with a rawhide scabbard. The rest were painted olive drab and were provided with an oxblood colored sheath". The painted models are a pale olive drab and are 16 inches from the top of the head to the bottom of the shaft. This tomahawk has been confirmed as the original style by 2 vietnam SF vets 1 being author Leroy Thompson who wrote the first story on these for Soldier Of Fortune in the early 80s.

The darker shorter hawk in these pics are the LaGana, the other hawk is a H Hess