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CIA Issued Phoenix Project MAC-V-SOG Fairbairn
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Here is a documented CIA knife from the Special Forces and MAC-V-SOG personnel they utilized in the Phoenix Project. This is a sterile unmarked knife, it has a knurled and blackened brass grip and hilt, the blade is blued. This knife was produced for use by the Provincial Recon Units rather than as a presentation piece and shows minor signs of usage, blade sharpened, etc. It is a close copy of the OSS knife and scabbard from WW2, presumably since the OSS was the CIA predecessor? The scabbard varies in that it has straps for leg wear and appears to have been produced locally in Vietnam. The rubber O-ring and the nylon straps have been replaced. It is NOT one of the origional and very rare OSS knives.  The Provincial Reconnaissance Units were the the operational section of the Phoenix Program. The CIA ran program had many roles but is best known for locating and eliminating VC and NVA agents and collaborators. I will include several orders, citations, letters etc. for the soldier showing his assignment as an advisor. The man is listed in the Jan. 67 Green Beret magazine and I will include a photocopy.