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Camillus Mil-K-20277 Kabar Bill Shaw
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"I have a Camillus Mil-K-20277 US marked combat knife, original sheath.  It's one of a pair I acquired in 'Nam (and carried) '71-'72, VAL-4, TF-116 (Riverine) IV Corps  in the Mekong Delta (Binh Thuy) (pix above).  The other one went to my son (SGM (SOF) USA.) There was no NX (Navy Exchange), we had a small supply of these and KA-BAR's in the armory... from who knows where. It's 'been in the sheath, in a box' since I returned on 26 April '72.  All things considered... $200.00 if interested and I'll take pix."

"This knife prob'ly went up with me. I flew backseat observer from time to time. 'Always carried one of these rather than the smaller survival knife.   I'm the guy in the backseat in this pix.  That's 103 'Thor Hammer'.  We're loaded out with 3x CBU-55/B (FAE) w/3x BLU-73A/B submunitions ea (15 total)  4x 5" Zuni's,  4x M60C's with 4,000 rounds of 7.62mm."

"We were the only Navy fixed with attack squadron in 'Nam."

Bill Shaw