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Thumb Notched Guard Prototype Fairbairn
Product Image

Prototype fairbairn with thumb notched crossguard, unusual needle point blade design, made from an enfield bayonet.

Came in modified sheath dated 1940

Wilkinson 1st Pattern 3 inch S Guard
This specific knife was 1 of 7 that survived the Wilkinson Sword Company Tower fire.
Purchased from author Leroy Thompson

fs 1stpat 2.JPG

Wilkinson 1st pattern 2 inch S Guard
fs 1stpat 2in 2.JPG

Wilkinson 2nd Pattern Banner Version
fs banner 1.JPG

Wilkinson 2nd Pattern Eagle Squadrom Named
named to S/SGT Fred Ames of the Eagle Squadron and dated
fs eagle squad 1.JPG

fs eagle squad 2.JPG

Wilkinson 2nd Pattern broad arrow T
fs 2ndpat j .JPG

Wilkinson Broad Arrow 58 Ringed
fs 2pat ring 2.JPG

Wilkinson Ring and Beam Fairbairn Sykes Knife Broad Arrow 9
fs RandB 2.JPG

Wilkinson 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Knife
fs 3pat flat 1.JPG

Wilkinson FR693 Fairbairn Sykes Sheath FR271
fs fr693 1.JPG
fs fr693 3.JPG

Wilkinson FR693 Green Grip
wilkinson fr693 1.JPG
wilkinson fr693 5.JPG

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