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Yancey Applagate Fairbairn Presentation Knife
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An extremely rare T.J. Yancy handmade Applegate/Fairbairn Presentation Fighting Knife. These are rarely seen. These are even rarer than the other one I have listed. This is serial number P27. The knife comes with the original walnut presentation box. The blade is etched with the signatures of Rex Applegate and W.E. Fairbairn. It is stamped "Yancy/Estes Park, Colo.". On the opposite side the blade is etched with "AF" and the guard is stamped with the serial number of P27. Knife is mint except for some sort of minor clear staining to portions on one side of the blade. It appears as if some of the original protective coating has left a bit of residue on the blade. Hard to see, but there. The box is mint.