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RELENTLESS M1 Hummer Custom Knife PROTO
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M-1 Hummer (PROTOTYPE #001)

This is a Rare. Top Quality, High Performance, Full Tang Combat/Utility Knife, that can be compared to Randall, etc It is handmade by Daniel M. Certo Bladesmith, Marshall NC.

Individually hand ground from bars of Premium Grade Cutlery Steel. ( no laser cutouts or pre made blade blanks). In house heat treating, tempering, and testing for strength and durability allow me to offer you a knife that looks good and won't fail you when you need it , even under the most extreme conditions. 100% handmade in my shop the knife was ground from a bar of 3/16" L6 High Carbon Steel, with satin steel and blue finish.

This is the First knife(prototype) of a series that will be added to my web site in 2004 along with the M1 US Marines Special Edition, deticated to all those who have served in the preservation of the FREEDOM we enjoy here in the United States and the M1 Midget .


Made from 3/16" L6 High Carbon Steel. Oal 9 1/2 ", Blade 5 "x 1 1/2" x 3/16". RC 58 on the cutting edge gives excellent edge holding with ease in sharpening. Satin Steel and Blue Finish, Subhilt Design, Burnt Green Canvas Micarta Handles, Stainless Bolts, Stainless Lanyard Tube, Sheath, Lifetime replacement warranty. Serial #001, marked prototype. This knife feels great in the hand and will make a great all around combat/ utility/ hunting/camping knife. The top edge is ground sharp for easy penitration yet at an angle that allows the knife to be pressed with the heal of the hand without cutting the user. The subhilt design gives you a firm grip which will not turn in the hand. It will be offered in several blade lengths. Small enough to be very handy in vehicles, yet large enough for business situations.