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Wells Creek Knife & Gun Works Smatchet
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Rex Applegate Fairbairn Wells Creek SMATCHET
16" combat smatchet machette by Wells Creek Knife and Gun Works, Scottsburg, Oregon USA.

As stated in the Devine auction catalogue for the Applegate estate these wells creek smatchets were made by Buck Knives for Rex Applegates Wells Creek Knife and Gun Works and only 750 were made.

This smatchet came with this low hang leather holster that is completely unmarked. Ususally these come with a nylon sheath but this is the first one I have ever seen with a sheath like this.

According to my records, we made the model 912 Smatchet in 1989 and 1990. We shipped the bulk of 500 the first year and the balance the following year. They do not have Buck stamped on them. They are stamped:
Combat Smatchet, Wells Creek, Knife and gun works, Scottsburg, Oregon on one side and area stamped with the signatures of Rex Applegatae and W.E. Fairbairn on the other. Its a big'n! I found an ad showing the price at $169 and i have seen them sell for $400.
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Rivers Bend Skate Knife
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2001 Chris Reeve Shadow IV
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SOG X-42 Recondo
sog recondo bl 3.jpg
sog recondo bl 4.jpg

Stek Damascus Smatchet 1 of a kind
stek smatchet 1.JPG
stek smatchet 2.JPG

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