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ParaBow x-9
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This is the well known X-9 Parabow manufactured by the Paragon Cutlery Company. The knife was awarded Blade's Best Imported Knife of the Year in 1994 (most innovative import design). Perhaps it is best know as the knife held by the lovely Kelly McClusky "Miss Paragon", in the many ads which ran in the pages of Blade Magazine during the 1990s.

The knife is made in Seki City Japan and features a heavy lock back design with a 4" sog-like bowie blade and a non-locking sawblade. It has textured rubber scales and stainless bolsters; the bottom one of which is threaded to accommodate a heavy screw-in hammer pommel; or, alternatively, a sling powered bow. The whole kit includes two well made arrows, a built in compass, and stores neatly in cordura carry case.

This is a massive knife that weighs around 14 ozs., with the hammer bottom attached. The razor sharp main blade is 3/16-inches thick AUS-8 and rotates on a 3/16-inch diameter pivot pin.