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OKCA 1999 Applegate Folder
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Gerber Covert Folder. This knife was the official knife issued at the Oregon Knife Collector's Association Show in Eugene, OR in April 1999. It is the smaller Covert edition of the Combat folder originally manufactured by Gerber in association with Col. Rex Applegate (designer, now deseased). This knife is Number 19 of only 50 made for the OKCA. The knife has the "OKCA" emblem inset into the handle. The blade is stamped with the signatures of Rex Applegate and W.E. Fairbairn and etched with "GERBER/U.S.A" and "ATS-34" and "19/50" on one side and "Oregon Knife Collector's/Association - 1999" and "COVERT FOLDER" on the other.
Another unique aspect of this knife is it is the match to the other one I have for sale on Ebay (see my other auctions). I obtained Number 19 as the same number as the original Combat Folder issued to Col. Rex Applegate, Number 19. The knife was purchased at the 1999 show, which occurred after Col. Applegate's death.