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Applegate Fairbairn 1st Model Smatchet SN 0001
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"I first saw this knife when I was in Germany signing with Boker as their premier throwing knife designer in 1999.  The “pre-production" knife was stamped then with: 0001.
You can see the knife in the 2004 Boker catalog: as item number A–F 578S Smatchet.
The A-F578S Smatchet.  Is described in the catalog as:
“This popular Applegate – Fairbairn knife features the real composite wood handle scales not polycarbonate that came later. It has a massive 10 inch double edged satin finished blade of the Solingen stainless steel.  This Smatchet is tough and is a multi-functional field knife.  Overall length is: 15 ¾ inches.  Weight: 1 pound: includes a Cordura sheath.”
I acquired the knife in 2001, when I told them I was going on an elk hunt and it would be nice to have a Smatchet to take with me.  Next thing I knew their chief designer sent this one to me.
When I contacted them and said I hated to use this knife on the hunt, they told me they already did their tests with it [you can see a few superficial scratches on the blade] and that as far as they’re concerned it was a used knife and that I should to use in good health."