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Top Lock Applegate Presentation
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The knife was designed by Dietmar Pohl, the foremost knife designer and sales manager for Boker Knives in Germany.  Dietmar presented this knife to Col. Rex Applegate.  As stated in the letter (included) the knife was designed for German special units, but that Applegate's knife was a one-only prototype with military green Kraton inserts in the handle.  Pohl and Applegate worked tohether on the Applegate-Fairbairn fighter project where a limited edition series of knives was made by Gerber and Boker.

The picture is of Applegate and Dietmar Pohl and was taken in Applegate's room in Dallas TX during the 1996 Sporting Goods Show.  The picture is inscribed: "To Col. Applegate - with highest respect for a legend / Jan 1996 / Dietmar Pohl".