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Blackmoor Dirk 2000 Prototype Knife Serrated Blade
Product Image

 This is a prototype of a Blackmoor Dirk 2000, which was made while Blackjack and Ek were the same company.  As you know, that ended when the factory in Effingham, Illinois closed its doors in 1997.  The Blackmoor 2000 was most often made with the Blackjack or in rarer occatioins an Ek trademark however this prototype has neither, it is only marked prototype.

All the Blackmoor 2000's were made of Applegate-Fairbairn blade blanks that were left over when Blackjack and Rex Applegate parted company.  However this prototype has 3 srrations cut out of the top and the bottom of the blade which we have never seen on a blackmoor before.