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Applegate Fairbairn White Grip Prototype
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Purchased from Bill Adams "indiansilver".
There were only 17 of these made and they were all prototypes. Rex Applegate only had 17 of the grip grip sets made and this one has a hang tag on it marked #2 of 17.

It is only marked prototype and does not have the blackjack knives logo.

The white handled Applegate is exactly like the one Tom Carey has on his website (he got it from me--I found one of the guys that bought bulk prototypes when Mike Stewart got his tail in a financial crack).  With a prototype Applegate sheath (instead of the two top rivets at the throat of the sheath, there are two eyelets, like the ones down the sides of the sheath--you could run laces through them and attach the sheath to a pack, parachute harness, etc. Both are mint, the knife is just marked "prototype",

It's a rather scarce sheath, and will increase the value of the knife if you keep it with it.  Of course, all the white handled knives were prototypes, as is the sheath.  Col. Applegate owned the handle mold and sent the handles to Blackjack to make the knives.  The white handles were a short run at the moldmaker's, and were never used on production knives.   So, they're REALLY scarce!