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This is an original Blackjack Becker dive knife, made in Effingham, Ill. It is the Model #32, RESQ/DIVE TUL, with a non-reflective finish, in mint condition.

It is exactly identical to the ones Blackjack supplied the US Navy Seals, on requsition/ purchase order No. 4234233212356, on Mar. 21, 1994. We include a copy of the purchase order that was given by Mark Stewart, a Vice President of Blackjack, to Bill Adams, then President of Atlanta Cutlery with one of these knives. Adams was a military knife collector, and a personal friend of Mike and Mark Stewart, President and Vice President of Blackjack. Also enclosed is a copy of a handwritten note from Lodi, Mike Stewart’s secretary, saying: “Bill, This is for your collection. Mark says that if you publish it, he will hunt you down like a dog!

"ResqDivTul, Powder-Coated  This is the powder-coated version, that won’t rust. They were available powder-coated black. That’s super for salt water exposure. If it’s powder-coated, it’s impervious to just about anything. But, then, we also had rescue teams that wanted something black. For example, the FBI Hostage Rescue Teams all dress in black. So they wanted a black knife, to match their uniform. We made about 750 of these powder-coated knives." Mike Stewart.