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This was the prototype design for the RESQ DIV TUL which eventually was lengthened and a gut hook was placed on the back. After these modifications a powder coat version was sent to the SEALS for trials and a black blade was sent to the FBI for trials.

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September 17, 2002
Dear Bill,

Thank you for sending me the Beckers to play with! They are all ones we made at Blackjack, in Effingham. As you know, we made the knives designed by Ethan Becker from 1992 until we closed Blackjack in 1997. Ethan's designs are tough! They ain't pretty, they don't have a lot of slick finish, but they're tough. And they work very well; I always claimed that Ethan's knives could be used to detail-strip a '54 Buick! I've used your numbers, and commented on each one.

ResqDivTul: We sold a lot to divers, because they worked well as dive knives. Most people don't realize that what a diver needs most is a pry bar. This is one of the best dive knives you could get-when you ask divers, they'll tell you they need a pry bar more often than they need a cutting edge.  And this one works well as a pry bar; also, it's good for cutting yourself out if you get tangled in line. The ResqDivTul is made of hardened steel; most dive knives are made of 304 stainless, which won't take or hold an edge. This one will. The early Beckers that we made were made of 1095. The late ones were made of 52-100.

No. 216: ResqDivTul,(NR)-This non-reflective version with a sandblasted blade was sold mostly to police departments and para-rescue teams. We made about 375 with this blade finish.