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Dalton, Rob Navy Seal Switchblade Parked Blade
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<p>custom switch blade Navy Seals Black Knife<br /> <br /> Unmarked<br /> <br /> with a black grip color and parked blade<br /> <br /> on the original black knife that a knife maker named Ron Miller made back in 1987.&#160; Long story short is he never got a patent for his plunge lock design so people pretty much came out of the woodwork and copied his design, so it's kind of hard figuring out an original black knife from a clone with no markings.&#160; The Dalton and Paragon seals are clones of the black knife.&#160; It's pretty easy to identify the two, The Paragon has a rounded bolster and the button cut out is different.&#160; The Dalton has a raised edge above the button from using a ball mill to make the button cutout