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Factory X Blade Shredder Glaive
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The Shredder is designed to only cut on the outer edges.  When opened, it measures a full 10 inches across.  Form should have function, and with this in mind, "The Shredder" was designed to be sleeker, lighter and faster than the "Bloodbath Glaive".  Its additional curvature gives this glaive a more aerodynamic feature for better deadly accuracy.

The Factory X Blade Collection has grown with the addition of the Blade 2 Collection.  With the birth of the demented stepchildren, Shredder and Cyclone, the Glaive family looks as though they have arrived on the Hades Express straight from Hell.  Both of these wicked offspring are also constructed of 420 stainless steel and have the ability to fold and "lock" in the open position just like the original "Bloodbath Glaive".  All three of the glaives come with a plaque, which can either freely stand or be mounted on a wall in an interlocking display.  These two new glaives were specifically designed and used in the movie Blade 2.
Factory X Blade Shredder Glaive

The Shredder Glaive, an official Blade II prop replica from Factory X was limited to only 3,000 piece. Made of 420 stainless steel and utilizing the same locking mechanism as the original, this Glaive was specifically designed for the sequel Blade 2. The Shredder Glaive comes with a decorative display plaque to be hung on your wall along with the other Glaives from your collection.