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EK PigSticker PG-8
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This is an original John Ek Model PG-8 Pigsticker, and it's a prototype! 
The knife has the green parachute cord handle wrap (as you know, the "PG" in the model number stands for "Parachute, Green".)  The blade is marked on one side with the Ek logo--crossed knives with: "Ek/ Commando", and: "1941" (the year the company was founded), "Korea", World War II" and: "Vietnam" (where the knives were used).  The opposite side of the blade is marked: "prototype".  The blade has never been finish ground and sharpened, although it has the Ek "Warrior Finish".  This knife was most likely made as a prototype to make and test sheaths.  Very unusual, the only one we've ever seen, and we've seen a lot of Ek prototypes. 

Of course, the knife has never been sharpened or used.  Comes with an original Ek Pigsticker sheath; the sheath does not appear to have ever had a knife in it.  A most unusual knife, for the advanced Ek collector.