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Chicago Precision V-42
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"The Chicago Precisions production notes make room for 1000 to be produced, but I bought the last produced knives & serialized blanks & have never seen a number over 311. My suspicions tell me that they may have never reached 1000 produced, which would make it a collector in it self. I have talked to several people who have Chicago's & they all have low serial #'s none above 100, and some with no serial numbers, but with the crossed arrows of the force under the thumbprint.

The ones I have produced for our Military are improved versions, as FSSF recorded history makes note to field modifications to the blade as the tip was too sharp. When penetrating a chest, the tip would fail to glance off a rib and hit the heart as intended. It would instead pierce the rib & snap off or become difficult to remove. The knife was used extensively in combat & these solutions could only be found from actual use. The head crushers were also complained about as they ripped uniforms & cut the hands of the operator when reaching for it. These after action accounts of the knifes downfalls were addressed and a improved version, with 2 variants of an improved sheath were produced for Airborne & Special Operations Forces ( of which I served in both) During this time, the knife saw action in Afghanistan when Canadian SF units secretly accompanied US SF & Delta  and drew blood for the first time in over 50 years, bringing back a historical weapon to the hands of Special OP's & Airborne forces .

I am waiting for Case to get back to me as I was told the Chicago's were licenced copy's that were approved by Case. I am very curious to see what their historians can tell me. The ones I made are different enough to not infringe on copy rights, and were never sold to the public. Materials were similar, but in most cases stronger & the blade a whole 1 inch shorter with a slightly different tip shape to improve" tip deflection" . There are also two different handle configurations and two different sheath options to suit the user."