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Brigade Quartermaster Fairbairn Sykes 1st Pattern
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Legendary for its use during the dark days of WWII, our Fairbairn Commando Daggers are faithfully executed according to the original design with the knurled solid brass handle patterns that were last made in World War II. To assure you that these are not copies loosely named, we have secured the Fairbairn family's exclusive approval to offer these Major Fairbairn signature models.


While he was a Superintendent with the Shanghai Police in the 1930’s, Fairbairn developed a repertoire of “dirty tricks” and tools for gaining the upper hand over hardcore ruffians. One of the best tools was a dagger design that Fairbairn and William Sykes put together. Its effectiveness was proven many times on bad elements. At the outbreak of WWII, Major Fairbairn was brought out of retirement to train British Army troops unconventional fighting tactics for combat survival. His book, “Get Tough”, was the bible of taking out the enemy before he could get you. His deadly Commando Dagger became the backup tool of the unconventional warfare trade and was sought after by all special operatives.

Fairbairn was later dispatched to Canada and the U.S. to train commando operatives of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) working with then Capt. Rex Applegate. Their training and tactics saved thousands of lives over the years. These models are shown in Col. Rex Applegate’s book, "Kill or Get Killed".

Today, both men remain as legends in the halls of all British and U.S. Special Operations Commands, other elite Special Forces and in the hearts and minds of retired military men.

Only Two Fairbairn Fighting Knife Models Are Authorized

• Model 1- Brass knurled handle and curved S shaped guard; Blade - High carbon sword steel; Finish - Bright nickel-plated finish as the early WWII pattern.
• Model 2- Brass knurled handle; Blade and straight Guard - High carbon sword steel; Finish - Black carbon blued as later specified in WWII.

The blades and guards are handmade in Sheffield, England by a craftsman who has made them in his shop since 1944. The blackened brass tipped leather sheath is made by the same factory that produced them in WWII. Handle fitting and finishing is by a master knifemaker.

Specifications: Dimensions: • Length Overall - 11.75'' • Blade - Double Edged 6-7/8'' • Steel - EN9 Carbon • Rockwell 55 • Weight w/o sheath - 8.9 oz.

Each Fairbairn Fighting Knife has the authorized signature of W.E. Fairbairn, the F S shield and serial number engraved on the guard. A Certificate of Authenticity and Letter of Authorization signed by Ms. Lynette Fairbairn, great niece of Col. Fairbairn will accompany each dagger.