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GH2024 - 2004 Elite Collection 2
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In 1990, custom knife maker, Gil Hibben®, designed the first annual fantasy knife - The Silver Shadow, and the tradition continues today with the 2004 edition, the Centurion. These knives continue to grow in popularity and collectible, and until the release of the first Elite Collection (GH2016), the earlier knives were only available in the collector's aftermarket. Constructed using the original tools and dies, each knife features a unique blade laser etch and is serialized 0001 to 1500 with matching serial numbers in each set, to preserve collectibility. Each edition is strictly limited to 1000 sets and is presented in a solid wood and glass presentation case embellished with the official Hibben® seal. Hardware and instructions included.

Elite Collection #2
Includes the Raven (1993 Edition), The Raptor (1994 Edition), and The Warbird Dagger (1995 Edition). Set includes wood case and is a limited edition limited to 1000 sets.
Overall Length: 20"
Blade length: 11-1/2"
Blade Theckness: 1/4"
Retail Price:  $337.50