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GH2016 - 2004 Elite Collection #1
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Retail:   $799.99

Hibben® Elite Collection #1
In 1990, custom knifemaker, Gil Hibben, designed the first annual fantasy knife the Silver Shadow, and the tradition continues today with the 2004 Edition, the Centurion. These limited editions continue to grow in popularity and collectibility, and until now, the earlier knives were only available in the collectors aftermarket.

United Cutlery is proud to present the first of an Elite Collection set of these annual fantasy knives using the original tools and dies. Each knife features a unique blade laser etch to preserve this editions collectibility. Beginning with the Silver Shadow (1990), Double Shadow (1991) and Highlander Bowie (1992), this collection is strictly limited to 1,000 sets. These knives are individually serialized 0001 to 1000, with a certificate of authenticity personally autographed by Gil. The solid American oak and glass presentation case is embellished with the official Hibben seal.

Blade Thickness: 1/4"
Blade Material: Mirror polished, 420 J2 stainless steel.
Handle Material: Solid cast metal handle parts with polished chrome finish, stainless steel twisted wire-wrapped grips.
DISPLAY: 13" x 18" x 2-1/8", solid oak, silkscreened glass, blue velvet interior, and stainless steel medallion.

Highlander Bowie 1992 Edition
13-7/8" overall
Double Shadow 1991 Edition
11-1/4" overall
Silver Shadow 1990 Edition
12-1/2" overall