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As of August 2006 Gil Hibben was voted President of the Knife Makers Guild. He retired from the Presidency in 2013 after having laid the ground work for the first joint Knifemakers guild American Bladesmith society show called ICCE (International Custom Cutmery Expo) held in Kansas city in 2015.

For 50 years, custom knifemaker Gil Hibben, has been producing hand-made knives for hunters, martial artist, and discerning collectors. He is the creator of the popular Rambo III Bowie, which was featured in the Sylvester Stallone film, and knives for other Hollywood productions and personalities such as John Wayne, Elvis Presley, and Steve McQueen. Gil created the Klingon blades for the "Star Trek Experience" in Las Vegas and is "Official Klingon Armorer" for Paramount Pictures.

 Gil also produced knives for our servicemen to use in Vietnam. His firsthand experience as an Alaskan hunting guide, throwing knife expert, and fifth degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, has contributed to his creating some of the most popular knives of the 20th century.

 Gil is a member of the Knifemakers Guild, was inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame, and is well recognized the world over for his fantasy and functional knife designs.